Kakti Version 5

Hello, we developed a few new features in Kakti. See the list of changes and new features:

+ Speedup the game speed. The hole game is faster and every player is more challenged.

+ Animated clouds in the background

+ Animated Background if kakti is moving

+ Now Flowers are shot as a hole and you have to fill it up again instead of waiting till the statusbar is green again.

+ Insert a Hint to tap the screen if you are ready to shot a flower

+ Insert bad brown ballons, they will remove five of your points, so avoid them

+ Changed the green ballon Bonus effect it now adds three petals instead of one

+ Another Alignment of the Highscorelist now you can see all lines

+ A few code rewritings

+ Fixed a Bug in the play menü, some text was overlapping other text

+ Fixed a Bug, every ballons splat now in it's own color


Because of some Gameplaying changes we have deleted all Highscore Entrys, so the new Highscore ist empty.

Have fun to play the game!

Please spread the word about the game and show it your friends !