Work on Kakti

We are working since a few month on Kakti and the progress is good on such a "little" game. But for us it is really much fun to create our own game. We have tons of ideas how to create the game and which feature should we implement in the game and which not. We have decided to split the development progress in 4 steps:

1. Build Prototype Basis (will be available for free download from our Webpage if finished)

2. Build Alpha 1.0 (Extend the basis features)

3. Build Alpha 2.0 (Add a character desing screen for the main character, and reward/collect system )

4. Build Alpha 3.0 (Add different game settings and game styles, more items for the character)

5. Build Alpha 4.0 (Polishing and maybe implement some of our ideas if it fits the gameplay, translate in different languages, port to different operating systems maybe)

 The game is playable on an Prototype basis, and it makes fun to test, so i hope the game will bring fun to the players. Main Focus is to develope the game for Mobile Devices but we will also release a PC Version.